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Custom Control Panel

From design through installation, start-up and debugging, our professional custom panel technicians are with you through every phase of your electrical control panel project. We have extensive experience in panel build to print and complete system design build with a 100% testing process that ensures your controls are plug and play ready before leaving our hands.

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High Volume Assembly

Equipment manufacturers regularly rely on Electro Controls to deliver components and assemblies in a timely manner to fulfill their production requirements. Our standard and modified standard control teams work from your production schedule and sales forecasts to ensure you have uninterrupted product flow in your facility.

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Wire Harnesses

Electro Controls is well-equipped to handle all your processed wire, wire harness and welding cable needs, regardless of quantity, length or complexity. In order to remain competitive in the marketplace we have invested in the latest wire harness technology which automatically cuts, strips, crimps and labels the wire ensuring a high quality, accurate processing.

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Controls IntegrationField Technical Services

SCADA(supervisory control and data acquisition)

Starting with your concept, we will supply a total package solution to meet your needs, including CAD drawings, bill-of-materials, assembly, programming, onsite installation, start-up, and debugging. Working in a partnership with your design engineering team or from your description of purpose, Electro Controls Engineering team will find the most efficient design for your new control system.

On site installation, start-up services, troubleshooting and debugging, commissioning, and long-term technical support are provided by Electro Controls expert Controls Integration team. We have experience with all major brands, programming, software and hardware development and complete project management.

At Electro Controls, we recognize the need for a master control unit to monitor all systems within a facility, report the current functionality of each piece of machinery, and make minor adjustments on the fly. These abilities save time, money, and aggravation for facility managers and personnel, making a SCADA control unit one of the most cost effective upgrades a facility can choose.

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